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Watermarker App update version 1.1 submitted to Apple

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
Main new feature fading

Main new feature fading

What’s New in this Version?

- Added watermark fading in and out options. With settable fade duration and fade – in/out point.

- Gui overhaul, changed the look of screen backgrounds and buttons. The glossy carbon look just didn’t cut it for me. I hope potential buyers agree with me it looks a bit more sophisticated now.

-Fixed some memory leaks

I hope it will be available soon, it has some nice added functionality. After this I will update CamLock with a bunch of extra features.

Text watermarking input screen

Watermarker app ready!

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Watermarker app icon2 days ago our latest App Store iteration saw day of light on the App Store. It’s a video watermarker app which makes it pretty easy to imprint your logo or for that matter a small text into your video. When we created this we had journalists, bloggers in mind who create and deliver video content to a website or third party and are always using more or less the same watermark. Now its possible to create a fully montaged production in the field just using your phone. Shoot with our other app CamLock, brand the video with a text or image of choice (mail a transparent png to yourself save it to the photoroll and select it in the app) with the Watermarker app and you could use an app like iMovie to do some basic video montage. So there you go, just in time video delivery is finally there!

Tutorial video: