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The story of a single picture

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

It’s funny, almost one year ago in january 2009 I created an image of a device that I thought to be the perfect “couch hanging, while websurfing” device. It was of course an apple device and completely inspired on the iPhone. My iPhone to be  more specific, it’s a 2G model (I prefer it’s looks over the new ones)  and what I like so much about it is the way that it when you decide to go browse, you draw it from your pocket, push the home btn and launch safari, 20 seconds later you’re browsing the web. No booting, no crippled way of selecting hyperlinks, the in/out zooming by double tapping works perfect in my opinion. It would only be better if this device was slightly bigger, not to much though, not like a 10 inch if you ask me. Just 3/4  iPhones wide would be nice, and then a little higher, say a touch screen with a res of 1280 x 800 would be perfect. So when I was considering this I decided to draw something in 3dsMax, render it with vray, and drop it on That’s what i did and then nothing happened, it had like 12 views and like 2 comments from apple fans. I called this rendering the iNetbook because some people were indicating that apple should release one too, so I thought ok this should be it then.