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Watermarker App update version 1.1 submitted to Apple

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
Main new feature fading

Main new feature fading

What’s New in this Version?

- Added watermark fading in and out options. With settable fade duration and fade – in/out point.

- Gui overhaul, changed the look of screen backgrounds and buttons. The glossy carbon look just didn’t cut it for me. I hope potential buyers agree with me it looks a bit more sophisticated now.

-Fixed some memory leaks

I hope it will be available soon, it has some nice added functionality. After this I will update CamLock with a bunch of extra features.

Text watermarking input screen

BulletTime submitted (finally)

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Waiting for review

Waiting for review

Yep, right now BulletTime is at Apple’s mercy, whether or not it will be approved for the App Store.

Right now we are waiting with high anticipation..

In the meantime we created a Gamecontrol demo, to show off the controls for BulletTime, we don’t use virtual joypads, instead movement is controlled using the accelerometer and only 2 buttons for jumping and shooting. Not tiny onscreen buttons, left half of the screen is jumping, right half is shooting, (Of course you can toggle that if you like that better).


Thursday, November 4th, 2010

So yes we are working on a new game. It’s a sort of a platformer but also a role playing game. You play the role of a hooded hero (no Robin). A hero without a chance that is, because the world is lost and so are you. But hey CHEER UP, you have something to life for! It’s the “End of the World Party”, you are invited, you have a ticket and the only problem is: the party is levels away and the road is filled to the brim with creatures who would rather light you up and see you smoke and eating slime and all then see you get the chicks. So without any over-ambitious tasks at hand you can fully concentrate on shooting that alien scumbags to smithereens in the menatime navigating your way to this party. Of course you have to stash yourself with any pickups you can find, medikits, crates full of ammo and of course, the latest invention in alien-combat toolery, BULLET TIME®. With BULLET TIME® you have a lot more precision in your actions, BULLET TIME® only lasts for 3 seconds so you have to be very careful when and how to use it. Oh yeah, we are also adding a camera button during BULLET TIME® so you can make screenshots of the hairy situations you will end up in and let your family, back at home, know you’re doing fine.

Oh yeah you can watch the sort of teaser here:

Work in progress in a non-stop-motion

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Yep that’s us working our asses of on some new Monkey Swipe content soon to be released in a major update!!

Monkey Swipe nr.2 in Dutch App Store (Games section)

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
Nr 6 ranking in dutch app store (free apps)

Nr 6 ranking in dutch app store (free apps)

After being mentioned on the very popular dutch blog our game skyrocketed in the Dutch app store to  a  ranking number 7 right now, uh no nr 6 its changed while typing (I kid you not). I need to rephotoshop now ;-) BRB.

Very nice indeed, this results in a game ranking: Nr 2. which is great stuff.  Thanks for the support people, we are really really appreciating it that a few months of hard work starts to pay off. So if anyone has downloaded this game and is stuck in any of the first ten levels, fear not, today we will publish 9 walkthrough minitutorials on youtube of all free levels, level 2 till 10 ( level 1 is a in fact 7 tutorial levels, which are reallly easy so no tutorial there).

#2 ranking in Netherlands

#2 ranking in Netherlands

Available on the Appstore (again)

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Keep looking in the app store for this icon
Well this message is a little late becasue we were actually a little surprised by the quick Apple review, the first of may it was approved already. No problems! Nice work from us and from Apple. So we were really busy past few days contacting review sites, creating our free daily levels (we thought we had two weeks for this, not just one),  and finishing “review request” / “feedback” forms on the suport site, contacting everybody we know with an iPhone/iPod/iPad and encourage them to install our great new app!! But the great news remains we (fullscreen) is an established appstore contributor with 2 games (

Oh yeah here is the good stuff:

Monkey Swipe, generating a buzz

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Yep that’s what we try to do anyways, we have created a Monkey Swipe webpage here. This site is supposed to support our game, it allowes people to give feedback on our game, app reviewers to request a free game and it’s a showcase of what to expect, we also created a presspack with logo’s and game artwork and some kind of descriptive text, you can download it here. On top of that, today we changed our game studio in a little Hollywood by filming Appjuicer Johan while playing our game, it’s a demo that should get you folks all enthousiastic and stuff, so go buy it and check it out!!

Monkey Swipe submitted!

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Today it was submission day, we worked really hard the last weeks to get this thing up and running, when we were almost finished we made up more new functions that had to be tested, then we had to fine-tune the levels so it was possible to get a three star rating without being supernatural, and so on. Now we gotta wait and see what apple thinks about our efforts. To give everything a professional touch we actually bought a .com domain to support our game/application efforts, So anyway we now have to invest some time in some serious Appstore marketing. We have to blog (he), we have to tweet, and of course we have to put loads of stuff on YouTube, best thing would be to make a viral, so millions of people would see our game starring in this viral. A good idea, anyone?

iPad demoing our game: Monkey Swipe

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Yes we have an iPad and yess we like it, especially for demoing our new game: