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iPad demoing our game: Monkey Swipe

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Yes we have an iPad and yess we like it, especially for demoing our new game:


Fullscreen is in the appstore!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

BeetleBeat splashscreen
Download from the Appstore here
Oh yes!! Even while I (or cocos2d for that matter) made a small mistake on the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities Info.plist variable, known issue: 769 in cocos2d  0.99
I had the same issue/made the same mistake and also got rejected by Apple because of this: “Only specify the required hardware functions don’t mention the ones that aren’t required by your app.”


App Store submission

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Yesterday we submitted our first game in the app store, you never know how long it’s gonna take before approval (if you get one), so we are now impatiently waiting and it already seems like forever! In the meantime, because just sitting still doesn’t speed things up psychologically, I’ve created a little teaser vid:

app iconAnd a support website that’s not yet finished but already open for public display, hooray!

So that’s that, now for some technical background, the game idea is a totally 100 percent copy of the flash version, but it’s totally rebuild in cocos2d for iPhone framework and the box2d physics engine. That’s basically objective-C en C mixed, a little tough at first for me but you get the hang of it when you see the progress of the game. The whole port took me basically a week and all the extra stuff, using spritesheets for the character animation, menu + credits implementation another week. That was including learning the cocos2d stuff, which by the way is a great framework with pretty good performance (via OPENGL). Even on the old (2G) iphone the app appears to be more responsive than the flash-version @ a fast pc.

Another day, another game “Beat the Beetle”

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

To summarize a lot of words, we have released another casual game, called: Beat the Beetle.

It’s a pong like game, which unlike pong, has a gravity element to deal with. People who found the previous game too challenging will love this one, you can play it with just one finger, using the spacebar to jump and bounce/block ball (beetle). Anyways “an Elvis man should love it….”

Monkey Swipe, first game on (and 30.000 portals)

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Yes today we pushed our first game on the Mochimedia platform, and yes the same day tonight (all credits to Mochimedia) it was approved and pushed to the many portals Mochimedia can reach. This appears to be the platform for gamedevelopers. You can manage everything online and a few hours later everything is up and running, smoothly…