iPad demoing our game: Monkey Swipe

Yes we have an iPad and yess we like it, especially for demoing our new game:

we are probably gonna port this Monkey Swipe game, which is intended for the iPhone, to the iPad. We would keep everything on iPhone scale and enlarge the levels, that would be really nice but also a lot more work as it comes to level design. Right now in the demo you see the game in zoom mode. Still very playable but not as sharp in graphics as you would have liked, due to the pixel doubling. We hope to submit this game to the appstore by the end of this week. Main features are:

- 40 levels of exiting action / puzzle play (10 free, 30 more unlocked via In App purchase)
- Everyday a new level can be played, “The Daily Swipe” (for one entire year)
- All levels can be played in doodle style, switchable in game settings
- Endurance mode, “Survival” (unlocked via In App purchase)
- Open Feint integration with high scores, achievements, twitter, facebook publication etc.

Nice list huh?

Oh yeah we got the supportsite up and running too (more or less)
Monkey Swipe also reachable via Appjuice.com

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