Monkey Swipe, first game on (and 30.000 portals)

Yes today we pushed our first game on the Mochimedia platform, and yes the same day tonight (all credits to Mochimedia) it was approved and pushed to the many portals Mochimedia can reach. This appears to be the platform for gamedevelopers. You can manage everything online and a few hours later everything is up and running, smoothly…

We @ fullscreen are really excited about this, This game is based on Johan ’s new framework which itself stands on top of Box2d. Most of the box2d stuff gets configured in an external xml file or internal xml object (depending on how its supposed to be baked off for publishing). Assets are loaded/embedded from a swf as library.
Oh yeah Rock and Roll!! The game is a little bit squeezed down to fit this narrow blog, a full version can be found when you google for:


Below is the leaderboard as hosted by Mochimedia:

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