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Monkey Swipe nr.2 in Dutch App Store (Games section)

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
Nr 6 ranking in dutch app store (free apps)

Nr 6 ranking in dutch app store (free apps)

After being mentioned on the very popular dutch blog our game skyrocketed in the Dutch app store to  a  ranking number 7 right now, uh no nr 6 its changed while typing (I kid you not). I need to rephotoshop now ;-) BRB.

Very nice indeed, this results in a game ranking: Nr 2. which is great stuff.  Thanks for the support people, we are really really appreciating it that a few months of hard work starts to pay off. So if anyone has downloaded this game and is stuck in any of the first ten levels, fear not, today we will publish 9 walkthrough minitutorials on youtube of all free levels, level 2 till 10 ( level 1 is a in fact 7 tutorial levels, which are reallly easy so no tutorial there).

#2 ranking in Netherlands

#2 ranking in Netherlands

Available on the Appstore (again)

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Keep looking in the app store for this icon
Well this message is a little late becasue we were actually a little surprised by the quick Apple review, the first of may it was approved already. No problems! Nice work from us and from Apple. So we were really busy past few days contacting review sites, creating our free daily levels (we thought we had two weeks for this, not just one),  and finishing “review request” / “feedback” forms on the suport site, contacting everybody we know with an iPhone/iPod/iPad and encourage them to install our great new app!! But the great news remains we (fullscreen) is an established appstore contributor with 2 games (

Oh yeah here is the good stuff: