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Texture mapping in Away3dlite

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

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Well another day, another testcase, video on a 3d object as a texture, yes that can be done! So here it is, the new youtube augmented vid on a box. You like watching video’s the oldschool way?  Then it’s better to checkout the YOUTUBE version.

So the augmented app in the movie is a little bit different then the stuff I tried before in that there is no 3d tool/collada files used to make this flock of butterflies. It was programmed in actionscript just like normal sprites. The butterflies consist of 2 boxes for the wings and those are embedded in another set of boxes to be able to pivot them in the right spot. The wings are textured with png with alpha channel. All in actionscript/papervision3d. You like?!?